S-a căcat pe el…

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Citez dupa postul unui nefericit care a avut nesansa de a se caca pe el la servici…

I just pooped my pants at work. While I was peeing, I thought it was just a fart… I was wrong. I’m stuck in the bathroom. What do I do!? I’ve already been in here 15 minutes. Help

update: I threw my underwear out the windo into a bush. my pants arent dark enough to hide what happened. no clear path to my desk or a door. how do I get out!

update2 tqless: I’m on 2nd floor. there’s a small piece of dirt where the bush is and concreet. should I jump? what if I break a bone.

update3: I have a friend on the way to try to thorw pants into the restroom but he is far away

update 3: friend is mia I got out the window. sped down to target, grabbed a new pair of (horrible) pants. omw back to office. I hope no one notices my poants are different

update4: back at the office now. i feel like people are staring at me.

update 5: wtf guys?! this wasn’t supposed to hit front page. people read redit here. people know. I’m screwed


Link aici.

Cei care nu inteleg engleza, sa va fac… (stati putin ca inca lacrim)… un rezumat:

-tipu de mai sus se duce la toaleta la servici

-tipu face pipi, si in timpul asta vrea sa dea drumu si la niste basini

-basinile erau defapt cacat…

-tipu e disperat si cere ajutorul pe reddit, postul ajunge pe prima pagina, colegii de la lucru vad postul, toti colegii se uita ciudat la el(reusise sa-si schimbe pantalonii)


So, next time cand beti 10 cutii de Activia sa stiti ca gazele vor fi defapt dovezi solide(sau lichide, dupa caz) in pantaloni.


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